Automated harvest of records


If you do not have the time to copy a record from an external database or union catalogue, or if the record is not available yet, you can use a short cut to register new items and prepare them for immediate circulation.

  • Choose the Search interface
  • Choose: Metadata > Harvest
  • Click Add in the top left corner
  • Write the full ISBN no.
  • You may also write a short title for future identification. This title will be overwritten, when the full record is downloaded.
  • Add barcode, check for circulation, and save item.

The item is now ready for circulation, and the record will be downloaded automatically when available from one of your preferred targets. specified for automatic harvest here:

  • Settings
    • > Interface
      • > Metadata Settings
  • Click to edit: far right icon
  • In the Download field, define which targets to use for automatic harvest of records.
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