Serials: issues, notification, and routing

(In your Reindex, see also: Help > Tutorials > Periodicals)


In the top menu bar, choose: 

  • Periodicals
    • > Subscription

Here is a complete ist of all active subscriptions. Please check "Help for this page" for a thorough explanation of signs and icons.

You may use the search field to find a specific title in the list.


Receive new issues

  • Check the title(s) for which you want to register reception of new issues in the field to the left of the title.
  • Click on the green tab for reception top left.
  • Edit, if relevant, issue no, vol, year, etc.
  • You can send a notification to subscribers by clicking to the far right before registering reception. Here you can add a document, ie. a TOC, to the email notification.
  • Finish reception of issue(s) by clicking receive top left.
  • Please make a note of the barcode or ID no. given to the issue(s) upon registration, or supply your own barcode.
  • Notification is sent automatically to all subscribers to serials set for notification.
  • Lists for physical routing are printed automatically.


Registration after end of routing

  • Choose: Desk > Return
  • Enter barcode or ID no.





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