Deaquisition: Books & journals, records & items


When deleting or withdrawing a material, start with the item.

Find the record in the OPAC, and click to access the list of objects/items:

  • Right-click on the cover image and choose Objects
  • Or click on the title and choose Items

From the list of items check the item to be withdrawn to the left, and click red button above: Delete.

You will be asked to either delte or withdraw the item

  • Withdraw: Item is withdrawn, and check out history is saved for reports
  • Delete: Item and check out history is deleted (barcode can be reused)

Please note: One cannot withdraw or delete items with reservations, or items that are checked out.


Withdrawing a large number of items

  • Select: Settings > Data > Move items
  • Select "Move to Withdraw"
  • Read barcodes

Please note: If there is only one item connected to a record, the record is withdrawn in this process as well.


Deleting a record without items

Find the record. Click on Edit to view the record in the MARC editor and choose Delete (top ).



  • Delete all issues of the journal.
  • Delete any subscribers to the subscription.
  • Delete subscription details.
  • Delete the "empty" record as described above.


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