Collection: Departments, offices, etc.


(Please see also tutorial in your Reindex: Help > Tutorials > Collections)


Information about the library collection is used to specify where the library's resources, and patrons, belong. That is, if the library has items in more than one place, or if there is a need to distinguish between patrons in different departments.

The names of the various parts of the collection should reflect the real world and thus be recognizable to patrons.

The overview of the library's collection (departments / offices) can be found here:

  • Settings
    • > Define core data
      • > Collection
  • Click on the icon to the right of any collection to edit information about the collection.
  • Click on the icon on the far right of a collection to view a shelf list
  • Click on the blue button top left to add new department / collection.

The collection can be arranged in a hierarchy with up to four levels. When you create a new department, it should be placed at the right level in the hierarchy.

The number you enter in the Sort field determines the priority of the department. The priority is used when automatically forming lists for journal routing.


Virtual Collection

The Virtual Collection is an overarching category for the library's physical collections / departments / locations. When you search the Virtual collection, you search everything.

The Virtual Collection is also used to register link records and other electronic resources with no physical items.

You can give the collection a name other than Virtual Collection. Click to edit and write the name of the institution or library as a general name for the entire collection.



Users can belong to a department or office specified in the registered collections.

Users will by default search only in their own part of the collection. Ie. users who belong to a collection called "Aarhus" will search only records with items registered as belonging to the same collection.

You can choose to let all users search the entire collection / all departments by default:

  • Settings
    • > Interface
      • > Define search interface

Click edit and check the box "Search all collections" and click to save the setting.

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