OPAC is an acronym for Online Public Access Catalogue. It is a search interface to the catalogue.


Open Online Access

When setting up a new service in your library we help you decide whether your OPAC and Web Portal for Patrons should be open to the public, or only to registered users.



Your Reindex OPAC can be adapted to serve the needs of your library's users, and the character of your resources and bibliographic records. Please write us if you need help to work with the settings.

In the settings for the OPAC you can:

  • Define whether to display a hit list of search results with or without facets
  • Define which facets to display, ie. which fields from your records to display for sorting
  • Define the order of the facets
  • Define which fields from the library's records to display in the hit list of search results, and other formats


General settings

  • Settings
    • > Interface
      • > Define Search Interface

Click Edit: Left icon on the far right. 

This is the place to define how many hits per page to display in the default settings; which default sorting of hits to offer, etc.

The bottom field "Start Page" offers the choice to start the OPAC with either a blank page or the library's news list of recently acquired resources.

Please check the "Help for this Page" for details.


Display formats

  • Settings
    • > Interface
      • > Define Search Interface
  • Click on the globe icon to the far right
  • (See: Help for this Page)

This is the place to choose which fields from your library's records to display as facets, and in the various display formats, ie. hit list, full record etc.

Click on your far right to edit a particular field.

The field for sorting defines the order in which the fields are displayed: Low number = high sorting.

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